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Winter Wheels

Which car enthusiast does not know the dilemma? The summer is over, but you would rather not do without the smart looking alloy wheels. The summer rims cannot cope with the increased strain in winter though.

Good that almost all wheel brands also have winter-proof models in their range.

So, if the good look of your car is important to you, you should definitely be thinking of buying winter rims. These are more robust and can withstand even harshest winter conditions. Many of those rims could even be used with snow chains. This means you do not have to do without aluminium rims in winter, even in snowy areas.


In the case of conventional aluminium rims, salt and stones may damage them in winter. If the paint of a rim is damaged up to the aluminium, salt water can get under the paint, attacking the rim which then oxidises. This leads to the peeling of the paint.

Winter rims, however, are very resistant to salt and stone chips. This is due to the quality and thickness of the clear coat, which is used to paint the rims. Many manufacturers have developed special paints for winter rims. These make it possible to achieve the optimum compromise between layer thickness and elasticity. During extensive tests, the rims are then tested for quality and robustness. Winter rims thus offer the opportunity to make your vehicle a real eye-catcher – even in the cold season.


If the temperatures continue to fall towards the end of the year, it is time to change tyres. In the UK it is not mandatory to fit winter tyres, but you should always keep in mind that the driving safety in the cold months is increased enormously by using winter tyres. Thanks to a thermo-elastic tread compound, the tyre keeps a good grip even at low temperatures, thus offering better road contact than summer tyres.

In addition, winter tyres offer higher tractive power and lateral support in the cold season, as well as shorter braking distances than summer tyres. The tyre tread plays an essential role in the safety of winter tyres.

When temperatures drop below 7 degrees, it’s time to change tyres. Because even if the air is not reaching minus degrees, the roads are often very cold and slightly icy especially early in the morning.

To find the appropriate winter rims for your car is easy. There are many different brands and models available online. You have the choice of many different brands and designs. Just choose the winter wheels that suit your wishes. Once you have found your desired wheels, you can select and order.

You can find the perfect winter tyres right here on our website.

We will be happy to remove your summer wheels and put your winter wheels and tyres on your vehicle for you.

Our Phillips Tyres experts will certainly check the condition of your summer tyres and give you advice on care and storage of your summer wheels.

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