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Summer Tyres

Order your summer tyres easily on the Internet. Phillips Tyres offers summer tyres of the highest quality at attractive prices.

Summer tyres are those tyres that you can use most of the year here in the UK. In all weathers except frost, summer tyres provide sufficient traction - even at high speeds. For good handling the depth of the profile is crucial. Summer tyres have to have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm by law

Of course, this depth must be measurable over the entire circumference of the tyre. Experts advise, however, to replace the tyres at the latest with 3 mm profile depth.

At lower tread depth there is a risk of aquaplaning when braking on wet surfaces. You risk losing control of your car. We recommend that you should check the tread depth of your tyres regularly.


Contrary to what the name suggests, in spring and autumn you can usually use summer tyres without any problems. Because only at temperatures under 7 degrees, in snow, slush and on icy roads you require winter tyres. At Phillips Tyres, you can order high-quality summer tyres of the leading producers and also from our budget range at very reasonable prices. You can choose home delivery, or book a suitable fitting appointment at our workshop with your order.


Summer tyres not only provide a great driving experience with low fuel consumption in moderate and warm weather conditions, but they also ensure safety when driving.

New, unused summer tyres have a tread depth of about 8 or 9 mm. Since the abrasion is stronger than with winter tyres, you should check whether your tyres are still safe. At about 2 mm tread depth, a mark on your tyre is visible. At the latest, when this tread depth is reached, new summer tyres are needed for your vehicle. Although driving with up to 1.6 mm tread depth is permissible, however, the driving characteristics of the tyre deteriorate considerably. From 3 mm tread depth, your safety is no longer optimally guaranteed.


Crucial for summer tyres is the profile. It ensures traction even on wet roads, which prevents dangerous aquaplaning. But even when driving on hot asphalt or ruts the tyre should ensure your safety. Of course, choosing the right tyre depends on your car model. So the maximum speed of your car should match the maximum speed indicated on the tyre. However, your driving habits are also crucial for your tyre choice. For long distances at high speeds, a different tyre is recommended than for shorter city trips or drives on rough coutry roads. On our website, you will be able to find summer tyres for every size and every budget.

If you are unsure about choosing the right summer tyres, you can certainly contact us. Our experts will gladly advise you so that you can find the ideal summer tyre for your purposes.

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