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Wheel Balancing

Each rigid body rotating about a fixed axis has an imbalance. This imbalance leads to vibrations, which can lead to increased wear. Therefore, this imbalance must be compensated. This also applies to car tyres.

The balancing of the unbalance takes place either positively by applying compensating masses (weights) - this is what we do, or negatively by removing masses (grinding, milling, drilling).

At Phillips Tyres in Oxford, the unbalance of the wheels is determined using a wheel balancing machine. This sets the wheel (wheel with tyre) in a rotation. The axis at which this is done is equipped with sensors that measure the magnitude of the vibration generated by the imbalance. Based on these data, the strength of the balancing weights is determined and these are then attached to the rim. The imbalance is levelled out.

Unbalances are caused by non-uniform wear of tyres or treads and uneven density distributions of the wheel body. Frequent start and stop driving, bad driving lanes, very frequent start-up and deceleration promote unbalances.

Therefore, allow your wheels to be balanced at least twice a year, or you should generally have your wheels balanced after a tyre change or other reworking. The change from summer tyre to winter tyre and vice versa, therefore, goes along with the balancing of the tyres because even the stored wheels have changed their properties during the unused time.

Weighing weights are chosen according to:

  • Type of application, H. Vehicle type (truck, car, motorcycle)
  • Type of fastening (impact weight, adhesive weight, plug-in weight, clamping weight)
  • Material and function (static or dynamic)

Changing from/to winter/summer tyres means balancing

A shaking steering wheel is a strong indication of imbalance. You should act now! Imbalance of the tyres unnecessarily stresses wheel bearings, wheel suspensions and steering gear. The tyres themselves wear out faster, and deformation of the tyre profile can occur.

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