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The right tyre size for your vehicle

It is possible in many ways to find the right tyre size for your car. The simplest way is to look at the wheels of our car. On the tyre sidewalls, a series of signs such as 195/65R15 91H, for example, can be found.

Tyre size explained:

Example size: 195/65 R 15 91 H

  • The value “195” indicates the tyre width (in mm)
  • “65” indicates the height-width ratio (in%)
  • “R” indicates the design (in this case, radial)
  • “15” indicates the rim dimension or innertyre dimension (in inches)
  • “91” indicates the load bearing symbol(load index)
  • “H” indicates the speed index

If the car was bought at a car dealership, you could be sure that the tyres on the vehicle are of the correct size. Otherwise, it is appropriate to additionally verify whether the tyre size and the speed index of your car are indeed the same values the car manufacturer has approved.

Tyre size – Notes from the automotive manufacturer

A second alternative method is to find the tyre size in the vehicle manual. As a rule, this specification is in the chapter of the technical specification.

Another method is to find the tyre size at the driver’s door threshold or possibly on the inside of the driver’s door (near the lock mechanism).

Tyre size – other information sources

The information on the tyre size for your car can also be found here:

On our Phillips Tyres website, by typing in your car’s reg. number At the next car main dealership of the vehicle brand you drive On the websites of some top brand tyre manufacturers


Only the approved tyre size guarantees safety and full performance.

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