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Car Suspension

Before going on holiday, after a minor or major accident or as a routine check: We at Phillips Tyres in Oxford offer you a comprehensive suspension service during which your vehicle is thoroughly checked and serviced.


The Suspension service at Phillips Tyres includes the replacement of the shock absorbers. After about 60000 miles, car owners should have the shock absorbers replaced. If you claim your vehicle in a special way or if you have an accident, it may be necessary to replace the shock absorbers earlier. Efficient and well-tuned shock absorbers provide comfortable driving by capturing the vibrations and movements that occur when tyres move on the floor. In addition, shock absorbers ensure optimum road holding. Have your shock absorbers, the bearing and other components of the chassis checked regularly at your Phillips Tyres service station in Oxford – for comfort and safety.


Does the steering of your vehicle work only to a limited extent? Then damage to the suspension spring could be the cause. This enormously important chassis component, in cooperation with the shock absorbers, reduces vibrations – if this component no longer functions optimally, then driving is an uncomfortable affair. At Phillips Tyres in Oxford, the competent staff can change the suspension springs and contribute to safe driving with the comprehensive suspension service.


Is your vehicle pulling to the right? Do you notice that the tyres are not optimally aligned at a standstill? After curb side contact or prolonged drives with many maneuvres, individual components such as the tie rods or the suspension of the car may have warped, or serious damage may have occurred. As part of the suspension service, the axes of the vehicle are measured with computer-aided tools in order to detect deviations from the standard accurately and quickly. Then, if necessary, the lane or lintel is adjusted so that you can steer your vehicle safely.

Phillips Tyre’s suspension service also includes analysing and repairing suspension components such as the wishbone, tie rods etc. and mounting wheel spacers.

Call us today or come to see us at our Phillips Tyres workshop in Oxford. Our team will be happy to check your car and give advice.

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