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Summer Check

Is your car fit for the summer? A professional summer service ensures that your vehicle is optimally prepared for the challenges of the warm season. Enjoy the anticipation of summer, sun and holidays and play it safe with the Phillips Tyres summer service!

The summer heat and the long drive to your holiday destination put extra strain on your car and can often lead to unpleasant surprises on the way to a well-deserved holiday.

Therefore, before you leave, have the vehicle checked by our professionals at Phillips Tyres in Oxford.

During our summer check, we will have a look at all the safety-relevant parts (including the tyres) and systems and check the fluid levels. The summer check reveals any damage in good time and thus prevents expensive repairs.

Treat yourself and your car to a summer service - for a safe start to your holiday.

Good reasons for the summer service

On holiday trips, you use your car for longer distances and times than usual. In addition, higher temperatures, stop-and-go traffic congestion, and extra luggage weight mean heavy work for your car. How many times have you seen broken down cars and motorhomes on motorways on the way to your holiday destination?

Not only does it spoil the holiday, but it also costs time, nerves and money plus it can easily become a danger to you and others in dense travel.

Safe on the road with the Phillips Tyres Summer Check

With the summer service at our Phillips Tyres workshop in Cowley, Oxford, you can be sure that your car will be professionally checked and optimally serviced for the summer season.

If you have arranged an appointment for a summer service in your workshop, our professionals usually check the condition/ functionality of the tyres and the suspension, check the electrics and lighting, the brake and exhaust system, check the fluid levels, the climate and the wiper system.

So you can be sure that possible deficiencies and risks are discovered and expertly eliminated directly in consultation with you on site.

Safety and peace of mind – Phillips Tyres!

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