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Runflat Tyres

Welcome to Phillips Tyres – Your Tyre- and vehicle care specialists in Oxford. 

On this page, we would like to tell you a few things about so-called Run-flat tyres. 

The function of tyres with run-flat properties: 

If a conventional tyre loses air, it begins to wobble; it becomes flat and, as a result of the heat, it is destroyed after a short time and just slips off the rim. A further journey is no longer possible. Run-flat tyres should prevent this. 

Unlike conventional tyres, a Run-flat tyre has a self-supporting, reinforced side wall. This prevents, in the event of a breakdown, mainly the slipping of the tyre from the rim. A Run-flat tyre allows you to continue driving up to 60 miles at a maximum speed of 60 mph depending on road conditions and vehicle weight.  

Each manufacturer has a special designation for run-flat tyres. These are the most common abbreviations for run -flat tyres: RFT, CSR, DSST, HRS, EMT, ROF, SST, SSR, ZP, XRP. 

Conversion of run-flat tyres 

If a vehicle is delivered ex-factory with run-flat tyres or normal tyres, retrofitting is possible at any time. However, care should be taken to ensure that, when changing, this is done for all four tyres, not just on an axle-by-axle basis, as this would negatively affect the driving characteristics. 

When changing to Run-flat tyres – please note:  

Run-flat tyres may only be mounted on vehicles with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). 

If a car is delivered ex-factory with run-flats only, you should stick to them. Only in this way does the vehicle continue to offer the usual driving characteristics. 

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