2r15 70 r16 Tyres

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Do you need 2r15 70 r16 Size Tyres?

How to find your tyre size

The best place to find your tyre size is on the sidewall of the tyres currently fitted to your car. Some vehicles have different sized tyres on the front and rear so if you check on the tyre you need replacing you can be sure you’re replacing your tyre with one exactly the same size.
Understanding the numbers on your tyres may look confusing, however once you know what to look for finding your tyre size is actually fairly easy.

The first 3 digits of the tyre size give the measurement for the width of the tyre in mm
The next pair of numbers give the measurement for the height of the tyre as a percentage of the tyre width.
The next marking is a letter, usually the letter “R”.
R stands for Radial which means the tyre has a radial construction.
The last 2 numbers found after the ‘R’ show the size of the wheel rim on the vehicle.

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