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Tyres Fitting

Changing and fitting your car’s tyres is an intricate process. The older set of tyres is removed, and a fresh set is installed. Finally, the new tyres go through multiple tests to see if they have that precise balance. You should always allow only the certified and experienced mechanics to change and fit the unit. That’s why at Phillips Tyres, we have composed a team of handpicked mechanics to provide tyres fitting service in Oxford.

All our staff at Phillips Tyres know exactly what to do! Since fitting alloy wheels is complex, we only use the latest, state of the art tools and equipment, so your alloys stay in good hands, always.

Tyre fitting and wheel change: What are the differences?

A tyre fitting involves removing the old tyres from the rims and putting on new tyres instead. Replacing the complete wheels of your vehicle is not part of our tyres fitting service Oxford.

It is entirely different from a wheel change; instead of changing the complete wheel (or wheels), we will simply remove your car’s old tyres and put new ones in. However, it is not a quick process; we need to make sure that the new tyres have a good fit and have that perfect balance.

How do we service your vehicle at our car tyres fitting centre Oxford?

The first process of tyre fitting starts with removing its wheels. Technicians drive your vehicle up on a ramp and remove all its wheel bolts. After that, we will inspect the complete unit for any rust or weathering. If there is any, we will remove it with sandpaper.

After that, your car’s rims are clamped on the machine using plastic clamping claws. We use plastic clamps for our tyres fitting service Oxford to make sure the alloys are not damaged in the process. Then, after the beads are treated with lubricants, they are carefully pulled onto the rim.

When we fit a set of new tyres on the wheels, we make sure to balance them afterwards. If everything is working perfectly and your car’s tyres have achieved the correct balance, we will mount them on your vehicle.

How often should you avail our services?

We recommend inspecting the tyre fitting every time you change tyres; this ensures a long service life of your car’s tyres and a safer commute for you and your loved ones. Also, if you have noticed that the tyres started wobbling a bit, you must bring your vehicle to us immediately for your next car tyres fitting centre Oxford.

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