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Tyre Manufacturers - Vredestein Tyres

Your car’s new “shoes”  

Vredestein, a Dutch tyre manufacturer, headquartered in Enschede, has been producing tyres for more than 100 years, above all impressing with the quality of their profiles.  

These are designed for years by the Italian industrial designer Giugiaro.  

Already in 1909 Vredestein - at that time still under the name "NV Rubberfabriek Vredestein" - produced a large selection of products. Although the company was still specialising in various rubber products such as shoe heels at that time, it now has more than six million winter-, summer- and all-season tyres for cars, vans and motorcycles, as well as high-quality agricultural tyres in its portfolio. 

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Already in the 50s and 60s, Vredestein was known for its tyre models "Profilux" and "Masterlux" and was able to build on this success after a low in the 70s and 80s - in which the company had to be co-financed by the state. The group merged with the Swiss company Maloya, after which the production was transferred back to the domestic Netherlands in 1993. 

Today, Vredestein tyres are still marketed under this brand, even though the company was taken over in 2005 by the largest Russian tyre manufacturer, Amtel, which in 2009 was bought back by Indian tyre producer Apollo due to bankruptcy. 

One thing is very different from other tyre manufacturers because the Vredestein tyre is something very special: Here, the tyre profile is not designed with three radii - but like the Ultrac Vortizum with four. These four radii provide a larger contact surface. The contact pressure is thus better distributed, which also increases the wet grip. In addition, test reports confirm a smoother ride and better handling in corners, as well as increased braking performance. 

The experience of Vredestein affects in almost all areas: the bike, the car - even in Formula 1 drivers benefit from Vredestein tyres. Whether all-weather, summer, winter or special tyres: You can find your perfect and cheap Vredestein tyres in Oxford right here at Phillips Tyres. 

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