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Tyre Manufacturers - Uniroyal Tyres

The one with the umbrella 

"Inventor of the rain tyre" - this is what Uniroyal is called. Already in the 60s, the manufacturer began to deal with the particular problem of road traffic in bad weather conditions and developed special material and profile techniques. Since then and until today Uniroyal tyres are known for their excellent performance in rain or snow. The manufacturer found the perfect profile for optimal traction and safety especially against aquaplaning. In addition, the manufacturer produced special plasticisers in the rubber compound for extra- long service life. 

Long service life can also be attested to the brand Uniroyal itself. The beginnings date back to 1868 when a certain Oscar Englebert opened a rubber goods business in Liège, Belgium. There he produced pacifiers, raincoats and rubber gloves. Even though he produced tyres for horse-drawn vehicles, in 1894 with the first tyre experiments, Englebert was the first manufacturer in the Benelux in 1898 to begin producing automobile and bicycle tyres. In the 1920s, Englebert became one of Europe's largest rubber manufacturers and in 1929 set up a German plant in Aachen for bicycle-, truck-, car- and motorcycle tyres. In 1937 the one-millionth tyre was celebrated there - in 1956 the four millionth tyre rolled out of the production hall. In 1958, the company finally merged with an American partner. Englebert thus became part of the global Uniroyal Group. 

In the 60s, the company's reputation was further enhanced by the rain tyre "Rallye 180" - the first tyre specially optimised for wet roads. In 1979, the European part of the Uniroyal Group merged with the Continental AG, once again bringing together two leading manufacturers to bundle their expertise and development performance. Today, more than 30,000 tyres are produced under the symbol with the umbrella every day. The name Uniroyal has long been synonymous with more than just tyres: all motorsport fans know the racing series Uniroyal Fun Cup, which started in Belgium in 1997 and is now held annually in five countries. 

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