Tyre Information

Tomket Tyres

We are delighted to be associated with TOMKET Tires. TOMKET was established in 1997, located in Czech Republic, the middle of Europe.

TOMKET TIRES began AS and remain a family owned business. From a bespoke online retailer in Czech Republic to a global tire brand. It has been an amazing journey and one that will embeds humbleness throughout the business as it continues to grow.

TOMKET’s Range spans across 300+ sizes, summer, winter, all season, MT and TBR are produced in highest quality according to EU specification. They have been researching & developing tires since 1997 and in 2022 will provide customers across the globe the option to purchase TOMKET from an industry leading European factory.

TOMKET invest significantly into their brand and are incredibly proud of what they have and continue to achieve on a global stage. TOMKET Tires are sold across the entire globe and have exciting growth plans for the immediate future. You may have already seen the TOMKET brand in premium sporting environments across the last 5 years, as well as investing a huge amount into community projects as a part of the TOMKET giving back campaign.

TOMKET reinvest a huge proportion of revenue back into providing their customers and partners a tire they can be proud of. You may have already seen the TOMKET name across Motor Sport, The English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, SPL, Bundesliga, CZ Premier League and many other sporting assets across the world.

TOMKET provides the perfect balance between high performance, durability and price. Their aim is to provide an affordable high quality tire that is recognised across the globe. Their business model will remain the same;

“To service populations across the globe who buy tires for the right reasons.”

CEO & Founder, Radek Grill