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Tyre Manufacturers - Silverstone Tyres

Silverstone is the most represented tyre manufacturer on famous motorcycle racing events (Racing Formula). The passion for tyres is not enough for the young Malaysian tyre manufacturer, which has become a benchmark in its market sector worldwide within 20 years. In fact, Silverstone is already present in most markets: low-profile tyres, tubeless tyres, steel radial tyres, - hardly a tyre model that the engineers would not have thought of. An exhaustive perception of the Malaysian manufacturer who has opted for a visionary policy of "always anticipating the needs of the consumer". With such a motto, it is hardly surprising that Silverstone is one of the market leaders, not only in the development of off-road tyres but also those that have lost none of their resistance even in warm and very humid climatic conditions. The manufacturer, participating in various events, consolidates its position in Europe by exporting its tyres on a daily basis. 

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