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Tyre Manufacturers - Sava Tyres

The Slovenian company Sava, founded in 1921, has been producing rubber products, including tyres under a different name for a long time. In 1998, this segment merged with Goodyear after Sava had previously been part of the company Semperit. Since 2004, Sava is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US tyre company. The range of this brand includes not only car and truck tyres but also tyres for other transporters. Sava tyres convince with a low price and a high mileage. According to some figures, annual sales amount to around eight million tyres, which are produced all over the world. 

Sava tyres are available in many sizes.  

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Cheap all-season tyres from Sava 

Sava tyres are also available as a year-round variant. The Sava Adapto for small cars scores with its economy, while the Adapto HP played out its strengths on snow in several independent tests. The low rolling resistance, which lowers the fuel consumption, led to a particularly good rating. 

Sava offers the right tyre for every vehicle class. The Sava Intensa UHP, which was designed for fast cars, because of its low rolling resistance and good driving characteristics. Perfecta and Intensa HP are suitable for smaller vehicles.  

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