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Tyre Manufacturers - Riken Tyres

Although Riken tyres are unknown to most drivers, the company hasa strong partner at its side: Michelin. Riken was founded around 100years ago in Japan, but only later produced tyres that found theirway to the United States in the 1970s. Riken has been part of theMichelin Group since 1992, accelerating growth in Europe. Meanwhile,the brand is also available in the UK, for example in the online shopof Phillips Tyres. With its attractive prices, it complementsMichelin's higher-priced products and offers tyres for cars andtrucks.

Tyres for all seasons

The quality of Riken tyres is sufficient for most drivers. Withthe temperate weather conditions in most parts of this country, Rikentyres are performing very well.

The Riken Snowtime B2 is a winter tyre for compact cars. It has atread design that not only works well on ice and snow but also drainswater on wet roads. This is also possible with the Riken Maystorm 2B2, the counterpart for the summer. Like all Riken tyres, it isavailable in different sizes.

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