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Tyre Manufacturers - Minerva Tyres

Deldo Autobanden N.V. manufactures Minerva tyres which are produced and marketed in Belgium. Most of their products are intended for cars - more than 100 profiles are available to customers here as summer or winter tyres. The tyre sizes range from 12 to 20 inches. Up to 22 inches, SUV tyres from Minerva are offered - they are also available as all-season tyres.  

Tyres for light and heavy commercial vehicles (for trucks since 2011) are also part of the Deldo Private Label range, which was launched more than 20 years ago. 

Over time, Minerva tyres have become more and more popular and are selling very well. The production takes place in Asia and Europe. With the European market in mind, Minerva tyres should offer good quality at low prices. This outstanding price/performance ratio makes the products interesting for cost-conscious motorists. Low rolling resistance allows for optimal fuel efficiency.  

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