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Tyre Manufacturers - Kleber Tyres

Kleber tyres - all year round  

The history of Kleber Tyres begins in 1911. Ten years later, the first tyre left the Kleber factory. Another ten years later, a Kleber tyre was developed, in which the woven cloth was replaced by a wire mesh - a small milestone in the history of Kleber tyres. According to our information, in 1930 the company Kleber also entered the production of aircraft tyres, and in 1945 Kleber took tyres to the famous Parisian Avenue Kléber. In 1948, the first agricultural tyre from Kleber was introduced and in 1951 the first tubeless tyre model - another milestone in the tyre history of Kleber.  

The famous aeroplane Concorde was equipped in 1969 with Kleber tyres. In 1981, Kleber acquired a majority stake in Michelin. If you use Kleber tyres today, you can also rely on Michelin's expertise.  

Buy cheap Kleber tyres in Oxford – Phillips Tyres. 

Of course, we at Phillips Tyres offer tyres of this manufacturer for your car as a further alternative, which you can also choose at a favourable price and in different sizes on our website. 

Car tyres for all seasons 

The range of Kleber tyres includes summer tyres, winter tyres and high-quality all-season tyres. The summer tyre Dynaxer HP3 has been on the tyre market since 2009 and is very popular. It is offered in many sizes and is therefore suitable for numerous vehicle classes. The profile of these tyres provides excellent water drainage on wet roads. For commercial vehicles, Kleber offers the Transport tyre, whose additional 4 mm thick profile underlay makes it extra safe. 

Kleber’s all-season tyres called Quadraxer were introduced in 2010 and are unrivalled in the company. On snow, the Quadraxer tyre benefits from the high profile negative portion and the many slats in the centre of the tread. With its excellent performance on snow-covered surfaces, this adhesive tyre has earned the snowflake symbol - the quality of winter suitability that winter tyres also have. But even when it rains, the Quadraxer tyre is a reliable companion, because aquaplaning should have no chance thanks to the directional profile in V-shape and the wide cross grooves. On dry roads, it provides massive shoulders with compact and stable tread blocks and a circumferential profile band in the middle of the tread for optimum handling. 

Kleber tyres are also available especially for winter - the Transalp 2 winter tyres for commercial vehicles and the Krisalp HP2 winter tyres from Kleber for all other vehicle classes.  

The Krisalp Passenger car tyre from Kleber is characterised by excellent braking behaviour on ice and high traction on snow. This tyre is usually available in sizes between 13 and 18 inches on our Phillips Tyres website. You will also find numerous other tyres that you can order conveniently and at fantastic prices.  

All you have to do now is choose from our great range of tyres. 

If you have any questions or need help deciding which tyres to go for, our Phillips Tyres team will be happy to assist you. Just get in touch with us.