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Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear is an independent American multinational tyre manufacturer that was founded in 1898. The group manufacturer tyres for cars, trucks, light trucks, motorcycles, SUV’s race cars, airplanes, farm equipment and earth-mover machinery.

They are now one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world with 47 facilities in over 21 countries. They develop the latest cutting-edge technology, therefore, allowing the performance of their tyres to offer excellent dry and wet handling.

Goodyear produces a vast range of tyres for consumers and has a passion for safety thus creating a safer environment for road users. of all road users. They even have their very own Goodyear Driving Academy which is an interactive online programme aimed at teaching children the importance of road safety.

Original Equipment (OE)

This leading tyre manufacturer are also the chosen tyre for top car manufacturers which includes the likes of BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Fiat, Nissan, Ferrari, Maserati, Peugeot, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Seat, Chrysler, Skoda and many more so it’s safe to say you’re in very safe hands.

Their tyre performance criteria include cornering grip, performance, rolling resistance, handling, wet grip, dry grip, aquaplaning resistance, run on a flat tyre, noise, mileage, comfort, and enhanced braking distance.

Product warranty on all passenger car and light truck tyres

All Goodyear tyres (unless stated otherwise) are protected with a four-year warranty. For further information then please speak to us.

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