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Tyre Manufacturers - Federal Tyres

Federal is a tyre manufacturer from Taiwan, which has a generous range of first-class car tyres, especially in the area of wide tyres. In addition to the best performance, Federal tyres impress with their appealing appearance. Whether for fast and sporty driving on the road or extensive off-road driving, Federal offers the right tyre for every requirement.

Curve behaviour of Federal tyres

The features of Federal tyres include excellent wet and dry road contact and superior cornering performance. Thanks to an improved rubber compound, the rolling noise could be significantly reduced again and even at high speeds offer Federal tyres a very high ride comfort. In addition, the low and even abrasion ensure a mileage with consistently good quality.

Federal car tyres in the test

Also with different tests, Federal tyres could come up with good results. Here Federal Tyres have certified a perfect adhesion on asphalt and concrete as well as a very good grip on lose ground. Furthermore, the very favourable price-performance ratio, as well as the high wear resistance, were also rated positively.

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