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Falken Tyres - premium quality for your car

Since 1983 the first Falken tyre was introduced to the market, the company stands for real racing on the road. Falken is part of the Dunlop Group, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, which is well known alongside Michelin for its high sales of summer- and winter tyres. Particularly noteworthy are the excellent handling characteristics of Falken tyres, which are extensively tested in various racing series. Among other things, Falken is one of the suppliers of the Japanese GT Championship and the World Rally Championship. Cars are also on the road at the traditional 24-hour races at the Nürburgring and at Le Mans on Falken tyres.

Here at Phillips Tyres in Oxford, you can, of course, buy the matching Falken Tyres comfortably for your car.

On our Phillips Tyres website, we have Falken summer tyres and Falken winter tyres in addition to high-quality Falken all-season tyres for your car to choose from. From R14 to R17 different tyre sizes are available. Whether it is a Falken Ziex, EcoRun, EuroWinter, Azenis, Falken Sincera or Falken Season tyre you are after, you can get it right here.

Falken high-performance tyres for your car at Phillips Tyres

All in all, it is therefore not surprising that Falken has succeeded in using the knowledge gained in racing in the production of high-performance tyres and summer tyres for the road. The Falcon EcoRun, Falken Ziex, Azenis, Falken EuroWinter and Sincere tyres offer the best handling characteristics and optimum vehicle control for your car at all speeds and on every road surface. The derived from racing rubber compound of Falken summer tyres, winter tyres and hawks all-season tyres not only supports a sporty driving style but always reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Also, the sustainable tread pattern allows a low rolling resistance, which ensures a particularly high level of ride comfort. Not to be neglected is also the longevity and the fuel-saving properties with which Falken tyres (especially the Falken Ziex tyres) can convince in tests.

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