Tyre Information

Continental Tyres

Continental takes the greatest of pride in having the best technology and has over 140 years of experience. The Continental automotive group have over 87,000 employees across 170 locations worldwide. This is a prestigious brand you know you can trust.

Continental has developed key technologies for safer and more comfortable driving. The first ever tread pattern was invented by Continental back in 1904 and they are now able to offer 360-degree vehicle cameras and connective cruise controls, they aren’t just about tyres they are equipped to offer the whole package.

Continental has been setting the standards for premium tyres for many years and is one of the leading original equipment suppliers for car manufacturers around the world. They are committed to being able to offer a broad range of high-performance tyres right from a family car to sports cars. You can feel reassured that all Continental tyres adhere to all the necessary standards, from wet and dry braking, handling, comfort, maximum speed, minimal noise level as well as increased mileage.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Driving safety and feeling comfortable are directly related to the condition of the tyre. Around 40% of all those inconvenient tyre breakdowns are related to under inflated tyres. The TPMS which was developed by Continental allows the tyres to be permanently monitored and also alerts you to any loss of pressure.

Original Equipment (OE)

Continental is a leading OE provider across the European market place. Did you know that one in every three cars that are produced in Europe leaves the manufacturing plant fitted with Continental tyres? Therefore allowing them to be the favourite among all tyre manufacturers. Each OE tyre has been put through vigorous testings which can be up to 100 different safety tests and it can get up to an incredible four years to become OE approved.

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