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Tyres are among the wearing parts in the car. Therefore it is necessary to have them renewed regularly.

Also, at the beginning of winter, the summer tyres should be removed in order to fit winter tyres. If you are looking for a cheap car repair workshop for the tyre change, then use the services of Phillips Tyres in Oxford. In no time, you'll find new tyres to buy and many other expert services on our website.

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Wheel or tyre - where is the difference?

In everyday language, wheel and tyre are used interchangeably - it does not matter whether it is winter tyres, summer tyres or all-season tyres.

In fact, wheels and tyres are two separate things. The tyre is the outer part of the wheel and thus forms the tread. But the tyres also belong to the car wheels. In general, it is not a problem to use wheels and tyres synonymously, but in a car repair shop, you should be able to explain whether you need new wheels - i.e. tyres and for example alloy wheels or "just" new summer tyres or winter tyres. Because only with the right information the car repair shop can make you an appropriate offer.

When do tyres have to be changed?

In general, the tyres should be changed twice a year, for winter and summer respectively. This means summer tyres in summer and winter tyres in winter. Winter tyres would not be a good choice for the car in the warmer season because they offer less grip due to the additional slats on dry roads. They would also wear off much faster. Summer tyres, on the other hand, are adapted to the weather conditions in summer and therefore do not offer enough grip on icy roads.

Alternatively, all-season tyres are also available - this eliminates the cost of changing tyres, but these tyres wear faster due to the stress they experience all year round. But for drivers of small cars who only drive locally and don't do many miles, they could be an ideal solution.

By law, a minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetres is required. Experts advise, however, to renew tyres much earlier. For summer tyres, a change from a tread depth of three millimetres is recommended. For winter tyres a change from four millimetres.

Brand manufacturer or cheap no-name brand?

Especially with wide tyres with a large rim diameter, which are usually needed for large vehicles, the temptation is great to instead of buying tyres from a major manufacturer to go for a cheaper tyre from one of the many budget brands.

We have indeed some decent budget brands available for our customers. These can be a good option for owners of small and medium sized cars.

But if you own a large, heavy or more luxurious vehicle, we don't recommend budget tyres. The higher price of the branded tyres has its reason - the higher quality of the tyres, which can be crucial in an emergency and also ensures less wear. In many independent tests, car tyres from the major brands regularly perform significantly better than tyres from lesser-known companies.

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Should the wheels be renewed in addition to the tyres?

The tyres must regularly be changed - not so the rims. Although steel rims can rust more strongly over time and should then be replaced, this is usually only the case after many years. If you choose aluminium rims, there is a risk that winter tyres will damage the protective paint of the rims caused by the road salt - which is annoying because of the high prices for aluminium rims. Therefore, depending on the vehicle, in winter, steel rims can be more useful or special winter rims should be purchased.

Please have a look at our information page about winter wheels.

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