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Our Phillips Tyres team will always make sure your VW runs smoothly. The German Volkswagen brand is famous for its reliability, but only when serviced regularly.

Therefore we offer our VW driving customers our custom-made service – for every model and vehicle age. Once the service has been sorted, let us have a look at your tyres.

Since your tyres are vital for your safety, we recommend regular tyre checks – not just when coming for a maintenance service.

Come it regularly so we can:
  • Measure your tyre tread
  • Check for any damage
  • Top up your tyre’s air pressure if necessary
  • Check for even tyre wear

All this is free of charge and does not take long, but you can rest assured afterwards, that you are safe on the road.

Need new Volkswagen tyres?

Buy cheap, top-quality Volkswagen tyres via our website. You will find the perfect tyres quickly and can book a convenient fitting appointment at the same time.

Volkswagen Tyres - Oxford – Phillips Tyres

After fitting the tyres, we can also offer you our special 3D wheel alignment. Why this needs doing from time to time and how it’s done, you can find out by reading the information page on our website.

Volkswagen wheel alignment – Oxford – Phillips Tyres

One last thing we would like to mention here is the unavoidable MOT test. The good news is, you don't need to take your VW to a different garage to get it done. Once the next MOT is due, please get in touch with us. We can sort it out for you as well.

Modern facilities, certified testers, reasonable prices:

MOT test - Volkswagen – Oxford – Phillips Tyres