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With your Phillips Tyres team, your Saab will always run smoothly. The Swedish brand is well known for its reliable quality vehicles. To keep your car in the best condition, we offer a complete range of services to our Saab customers. There are special services for particular Saab models and different vehicle ages. 

Once your Saab’s service is sorted, why not let us check your tyres properly.You surely know how important your car’s tyres are for your safety. Therefore we recommend monthly tyre checks – yes, monthly!

Don’t worry, these tyre checks don’t take long and are free of charge.

During a tyre check we measure your tyres air pressure and top it up if necessary, have a good look at your tyres to make sure there are no hidden damages, bulges etc. and also check the valves to make sure they are not leaking. Of course, we also measure the tread depth to make sure the tyres are still legal and safe.

Are you looking for new tyres for your Saab?

Buy cheap, best-quality Saab tyres on our website. Finding your perfect summer-, winter- or all-season tyres is really easy, and you can even book a fitting appointment at the same time.

Saab Tyres - Oxford – Phillips Tyres

Apart from tyre fitting, our Phillips Tyres team also offers many other services like wheel alignment (latest 3-D technology). You can find more information on this and many other topics on our website. 

Saab Wheel Alignment – Oxford – Phillips Tyres