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Air Conditioning Re-gas

It is vital to keep you car’s air-conditioning system in optimum shape, for the sake of comfort above all, of course, but also for safe driving, since it has a positive effect on the driver’s reactivity.

In general, you should do a quick check every year, and a complete overhaul every two years, including re-gassing the air-conditioning circuit. Car Manufacturers recommend you recharge your Air Conditioning every 2 years at least by yearly is beneficial

Also, whenever you detect an unusual smell when using the system, if fuel consumption increases significantly, or you notice that it takes longer to cool the interior, go to a specialist First Stop shop, to get the system checked.

Over time the gas in your air conditioning system dissipates and will become less efficient. Not having the correct levels of gas in the system can also lead to bigger issues with other components such as the
compressor or evaporator. 

This service uses R134A gas and is required for cars manufactured before 2014 and some vehicles up to 2016.

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